Marine Piling

In a world where developments take place in increasingly varied terrain, the ability to respond to the nature and intrinsic variability of the soil is of pivotal importance. Our forward-thinking approach together with adept understanding of the ground in the marine environment allow us to overcome geotechnical challenges with flexibility and technological know-how.

Forming the very basis of construction for marine structure, marine piling is a technique that requires experience, knowledge and importantly the right technology. Backed with a modern and diverse range of fixed leader piling barges, we deliver piling works with high productivity, precision and quality.

<span>Marine</span>  Piling
<span>Construction of</span>  Ports and Jetties

Construction of Ports and Jetties

Delivery of marine civil engineering projects with high level of technical finesse is our forte. With well-built construction capabilities, coupled with value engineering experience, our engineers are constantly producing smart creative solutions and invigorating designs to meet challenges in the marine foreshore environment.

In AI, our wide array of services spans from design & build to third party maintenance & operations of existing jetties and ports. Whether you are constructing marine facilities, demolishing offshore structures, dredging, reclaiming land or requiring operations and maintenance expertise, AI is able to deliver cost effective solutions to all your engineering problems.

Installation of Jetty Furniture

Valuable deck space meant that new installations and replacement of Jetty Furniture are demanding in various ways. Apart from meeting facilities and operational constraints, right knowledge and skills on installing items are essential to ensure error-free operations.

In that, our intimate knowledge on the handling, inspection, unstuffing, pre‑assembly, installation, and testing procedures has allowed us to facilitate timely arrangement and smooth handing over of large structural components from all parts of the world.

<span>Installation of</span> Jetty Furniture